Why Do I Date Models

Recently certain people have attacked me about my dating pattern. Admitted, I have only been dating models in the past. Besides the obvious superficial reason that most people can point out – that I am into tall skinny people with attractive faces, I am inspired to discuss a few other reasons that could hopefully worth your time to read and think.

1. Many models are intelligent and worldly.

Most models started their career around 14 to 16. They have subsequently traveled around the world before they turned 21. It is very difficult to survive in such young age in a completely foreign nation without the ability to adapt. Models can move forward in their career because they are attractive and because they understand how and when to impress people with unique charms. Many of these models are doing better than a lot of accounts and marketing consultant who have ten or twenty years of experience. It’s true that not every single model in the industry share such intelligence, but there is a good portion of the models that are capable beyond the average. For example, a number of models I met understand how to set up hosting server and manage SQL databases. This type of knowledge is what a lot of 30 to 40 years old industry professional going to graduate school to learn. A model I recently became familiar with owns her fashion line before she turned 18. She has a business up and running. Her design has been featured on a number of major publications. This is what most designers dream to have. As far as I know, many designers don’t reach such goal in their entire career. Models I have been dating almost all impressed me with their superior intelligence in one field or another.

2. Models are experienced with dating and understand what they desire.

As many countries in the world do not have drinking age or dating restriction, many models have been well educated about dating even if they just turned 17. A model I dated told me she had been dating a man who was 48 at the time when they met. She also dated famous fashion designer, business tycoon, and other fashion models. She knew that none of these people were whom she desired. Most people today inspired to date someone purely for singular reason including look, wealth, fame, or talent. Models who are experienced in dating can easily appreciate other quality of people such as mutual understanding, shared interest, emotional connections, partnership, etc. Many of the models I dated were able to look beyond superficial elements. In comparison, I have not discovered such quality when I attempted to date people outside of fashion industry. My scope might be limited on this observation, but I could say if someone had a taste of icing on the cake would have higher chance to see why icing wouldn’t be so tasty without the cake.

3. Models don’t usually stand in your way.

Models have been poor and rich, and they have been busy and bored. They understand how things work in a professional field early in their age. They tend to work hard for it and understand you need it too. Of course many models do the opposite, requiring your attention for their career. But you wouldn’t be involved with them anymore, right? I personally found most models would not be upset when I said that I needed to work for entire week or simple hang up on them when busy. This is because they easily get attention from other people, and also easily receive entertainment practically everywhere in a city. They generally understand your career devotion and they can take care of themselves.

4. Models understand monogamy is a concept for happiness, so is polygamy.

Models are usually better daters than you. Most of them probably would have more sex partners than you. As a consequence, they are usually open to your relationships with other people. In fact, some of them occasionally would suggest sex adventures with other people involved. Even in an exclusive relationship, models tend to understand monogamy is a concept for happiness, so is polygamy. They have little problem to accept you developing relationships with other people, even their friends or siblings as long as it makes things better in the relationship. Of course, in return, you also need to be open-minded and respect their freedom. I wasn’t entirely happy with some models I dated earlier in my life, and then I realized the problem was from within. I pursued freedom at the same time I was egotistic. When I let go of the concept sexual loyalty in relationships, I found the relationships I had were freeing and exciting.

5. Models bring valuable connections in business.

While many people tried hard to do their elevator pitches, I was able to meet valuable business connections through models. It’s practically effortless. In fact, you get to know many insiders of people you don’t normally expect. You suddenly hold the power to bring down some powerful people because you learned something they shouldn’t have done or their laughable weakness. Maintaining good relationships with models also help you to manipulate these powerful people into turning themselves to you for aid. I developed most of my useful connections through the models I dated or befriended. I don’t think any of these were possible otherwise.

6. Models are not as actually costly to date.

Models usually get discount at many restaurants or entertainment places. You get to go to high-end places and enjoy great entertainment for half of its usual price or completely free. Many models I dated know how to manage their saving and make the right investment in life. They, after all, were dirt poor just a few years before they accumulated wealth. Once a while they will buy $5000 bag. And you should never expect them spending more money on presents to you if they don’t spend that money on themselves first – but then when they do, it’s impressive and touching. Because of their profession, a $5000 bag is actually a reasonable investment. It brings them to the right person’s attention and they will likely get on 20 or 30 websites and magazines that snap photos of models on the street. It probably would cost $15,000 in advertisement when they merely paid $5000. This is like shooting your iPhone with a machine gun on YouTube would make more money than you spent.

7. Models are healthy eaters and like to exercise.

Whenever I am in a relationship, I likely would lose weight and started to be in a better shape. Models usually eat healthy food and exercise daily. It’s motivating around them to start a healthy lifestyle. Because they are generally healthy physically, they are usually energetic and good on bed. They may not be very skillful, and hurt you from time to time – because while they date a lot of different people, their total numbers of sex experience would be way less than an average person (considering they are usually under 20, so even if they have sex everyday non-stop since 14 – in reality would probably be half or less of that, they would have less sex than an average person who is 25 and above). But as long as you are willing to take charge and tell them they are doing it wrong, they will improve very quickly. Many models are up to sex 8 to 10 times a day because they don’t have to work everyday and they have a lot of energy. That’s usually beyond my personal capacity.

Recently I have been watching House of Cards, a Netflix drama series, under the influence of my mom. The plot is about an under appreciated majority whip in the US congress, Francis “Frank” Underwood, uses manipulations of congress, administration, media, and public opinion to gain power in the White House. This drama series is a reiteration of the UK TV drama series with the same name aired in 1990 (as an adaptation of the novel with the same name by Michael Dobbs). In the original TV series, the main character is Francis Urquhart. The change of the character name was certainly a good choice as “Urquhart” is not a common name in the US. Interestingly enough, “Underwood” is actually the name of the first Democratic whip in the history, Oscar Underwood. Like the original series, the US version of House of Cards is a discussion of power and manipulation in the modern political system. As the new series has a much higher budget, and a more advance film production setup, the show is much more enjoyable to watch and certainly much more realistic in terms of plots, dialogs, setup, and acting. Since most people haven’t watched the original House of Cards, the narrative would be refreshing and the storyline would be full of surprises. So far, the there were two seasons of House of Cards in the US version. The storyline moved at the same pace of the original series. Underwood had replaced resigned Garrett Walker as the president of United States.

It appears that both versions of House of Cards came to the conclusion that “Power doesn’t last forever (even at the oldest monarchy/most powerful nation of the free world).” Both series showed case the inevitable relationship between power and vulnerability. In the new series, however, the plot had spin off from the original series. It’s hard to find the equivalents of the original characters at this point forward. For example, the character Tom Makepeace,  the Foreign Secretary’s storyline is shared by two separated characters Jacqueline Sharp (Majority Whip) and Catherine Durant (Secretary of State). It is uncertain which one of these characters will take out Underwood in the final season. Meanwhile, if the storyline follows the novels, it would have been Michael Kern, the new Secretary of Treasury, who unexpectedly replaced Underwood and became the president as the result of the dog fights (ironically Kern was originally appointed by Walker to take on the position as the Secretary of State leading Underwood to move forward in his own term).